Welcome to the harbor of my games and music. Most games are in spirit of early 1980s creations.

Below you find Peace Conference (puzzle based on the four color theorem with twists), Schubi (gravity action in spirit of Thrust and Space Taxi), Hyperactive Soccer (5-a-side soccer), Sandcastles (puzzle at the beach involving sandcastles and seastars) and Presents Pursuit (racing in the snow and regaining christmas presents).

All, HTML5 and Android versions (in a games bundle on, are free to play. In Google Play a price tag is sticking to them.

The HTML5 versions should run in any WebGL capable browser, e.g. Firefox, Opera, Vivaldi and Chrome.

You can reach the author through:


Find further infos in the FAQ.


Schubi Game Proceed to the Schubi Game (2012)
Peace Conference Game Proceed to the Peace Conference Game (2014)
Sandcastles Game Proceed to the Sandcastles Game (2016)
Hyperactive Soccer Game Proceed to the Hyperactive Soccer Game (2016)

Joint Works

Presents Pursuit Game Proceed to the Presents Pursuit Game (2015)


Find below some of my tracks. These were created using a Teenage Engineering Arcade PO 20 or Goattracker. The latter are .sid file downloads and are all PAL/8580 SID model. You can play them with e.g. VLC, sidplayfp (use sidplayfp -mn <sidfile>) or Modo (Android).

For March Of The Muons there is a SID and a PO 20 version. That melody was generated with cgmusic ( cgmusic was also utilized for generation of smaller melodic parts of Sandbag.

Find other PO 20 tracks in the Schubi and Peace Conference games. Newest tracks at the bottom.

Accomplished Spook

First Dance Contact. Created with TE Arcade PO 20. YT Video.

Accomplished Spook

Accomplished Spook. Created with TE Arcade PO 20. YT Video.


Little Commando

Little Commando. Goattracker/SID track.

Too Many Tick Tocks

Too Many Tick Tocks. Goattracker/SID track.

Too Many Tick Tocks

Super Marianne. Goattracker/SID track.

March Of The Muons

March Of The Muons. Goattracker/SID track.

TE Arcade PO 20 version. YT Video


Sandbag. Goattracker/SID track.

Song Of The Crow

Song Of The Crow. TE Arcade PO 20. YT Video.



Dear Enemy. Goattracker/SID track.



Some of my code (snippets) which might be useful:

Play a song (=sequence of sessions of certain pattern length) stored on a Novation Circuit by python script.